7 Proven Tips

To Build An

Online Community

written byManoj Kumar
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Building online communities that make profits can be extremely profitable and fun, but it’s not easy to get started with building an online community. Whether you are looking to build your community or build one on behalf of your company, here are 7 proven tips that will help you get started on the right foot and grow your community into something wonderful! [See full article for examples]


There are several proven steps that you can take if you want to build your community from scratch. I’ve rounded up 7 of my top tips below so that you can quickly and easily start building your thriving online community today!  

1.) Join Online Communities:

The first step is simple: find a forum where people who are interested in your topic already hang out. You don’t need to reinvent anything, just join and participate.

2.) Create Your Online Community:

If there isn’t a place online where your target audience hangs out, create one yourself! This can be as simple as creating a Facebook group or starting a discussion on Reddit.

3.) Offer Value First:

Once you have built up some momentum with your online community, it will become easier to offer value within it. For example, you could hold regular webinars or discussions about topics related to your industry.

4.) Be Transparent:

Don’t try to hide behind anonymity online—be honest about who you are and what you do.

5.) Be Active:

It might seem obvious, but being active within your online community is key to building trust and relationships with other members.

6.) Mission:

You need to stand for something

7.) Solution:

You need to solve a specific problem


1. Create more long-form content

You can build an online community by yourself, or with a group of like-minded peers. If you’re just getting started, it’s probably best to go solo until you have a bit more experience under your belt. When creating content throw YouTube or Podcast, remember that your goal is twofold: You want to make sure you provide enough value so visitors will want to stay and participate in your online community.  

2. Share other people’s work

If you build a community, don’t be afraid to share other people’s work. Give credit where it’s due, and also make sure they are okay with you sharing their content on your social accounts or website. After all, if you build something great, others will want to talk about it! When in doubt though, always ask permission first. Additionally, sharing another person’s content can help drive traffic back to them and support others who are trying to do what you do.  

3. Collaborate with influencers

Have you heard of Flippa? If not, it’s basically like eBay for buying and selling websites. It has a large community of sellers who list their sites as well as a massive pool of buyers looking for deals on these sites. You can potentially find someone interested in collaborating with you, or if you want to sell your website (which isn’t very hard at all), you can find someone who might be interested in purchasing it from you.  

4. Help others

Nowadays, we’re all more connected than ever. Sites like Twitter and Facebook have helped us stay in touch with people across time zones and borders. The online world is vast, but it can feel pretty lonely when you’re operating your business by yourself or working remotely. Finding ways to build communities around your work will not only increase your sense of belonging, but can also help attract new business partners, clients, and collaborators.  

5 . documenting success stories

The easiest way to build a community online is through blogging and documenting success stories. This will encourage others like you who are in similar situations or have shared interests to come out of their shell and get involved with your brand. The best part about using your own success stories is that it can also be used as a content marketing tool that helps attract future customers or clients. To make sure you’re getting quality users, keep your participation limited at first.  

6 . challenges or hackathons

Running a community challenge or hackathon will build online relationships and encourage people to work together. This can be especially helpful when you’re forming your online business idea and need help with funding, building a website, or finding startup capital. Asking for ideas from your followers can also spark new connections within your network. For example, running a #Buildbusinessonline might inspire someone passionate about creating food-related businesses to start their own social media account and post links back to yours regularly!

7 . Inner Circle Mastermind

Successful entrepreneurs know it’s not just about launching your product; you have to build a community of brand evangelists who can spread your word—and keep you top-of-mind—long after you’ve officially launched. In other words, their launch is only the beginning. If you don’t have a strong network of supporters built in, reach out and form an inner circle mastermind group—people who will be your cheerleaders as you launch your business and strive for success.